Thursday, June 22, 2017

Congressman Peter Roskam Never Responded

I never received any response from Congressman Peter Roskam.  Where are you dude?

Still Waiting on President Trump's Response

I've sent all the material needed to explain the situation to the White House, including the books by Sarah Winnemucca and Lucy Thompson and my own, The Lovelock Cave Mystery. I've called the White House and spoken to staff answering the phone.  I've sent several emails to the White House.  I'm still waiting for your Executive Action, President Trump, that could fix this problem and other problems like it that prevent modern day science from being allowed to speak.  Donald Trump, you need to:

Still Waiting on Senator Tammy Duckworth's Response

I spent an hour in Senator Tammy Duckworth's office explaining the situation back in April 2017.  I have not heard back from her and hope to hear back soon.  I hope I don't have to come down with a sign that says,

Perhaps, I may have to...

The Problem With NAGPRA

The current NAGPRA law is discriminatory against non-Siberians and it assumes what is acceptable "Native American" heritage as Siberian, only.   It also assumes history is completely written.  One of the problems is clearly shown when the Smithsonian is not even considered as part of the definition of a  "museum" under current NAGPRA laws.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Senator Dick Durbin Responds

I did receive a letter today from Senator Dick Durbin in which his assistant replied for him.  He declined to help in my situation due to his thought that my situation was more of a "legal matter."

Even though I completely disagree with him and the NAGPRA laws need to be changed and I don't feel he fully understands the situation, I thank him for responding.

Luzia Woman

Facial reconstruction at the  National Museum of Brazil  (2015 photograph) - cc licensed Dornicke Luzia woman was found in Brazil.  ...